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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thank you for ending your week with us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. developing news, police looking for a man accused of kidnapping his two children from their mother's south san francisco home and making his get away at sea. terry mcsweeney is live in
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south san francisco to explain. >> reporter: the man took those children from their mother's house tuesday the concern now that he may be headed for monterey, mexico or even thailand. take a look at a picture of the man the police are looking for now this is 43-year-old christopher maffei, with his two children he's the father he and his wife are separated. take a look at video of the mother's house where he went tuesday grabbed the children, we are told he put one under each arm ran down the street the mother wasn't there, her mother was the children's grandmother. she chased, tried to stop him, couldn't do it, he took off. police believe he and the children are onboard a stolen sailboat we have a picture this is the sailboat known as unleashed. he went to the ballena isle marina in alameda they are
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concerned he may be sailing to mexico or thailand he used to live in thailand he mentioned monterey and mexico to friends. the mother understandably is beside herself. >> i'm afraid if they back him into a corner, i don't want him to snap and do something really stupid any more than what he's already done. i'm really worried for my kids, i want them to come back safe and unharmed. >> reporter: the her mother says she was in the process of getting a restraining order against maffei. the boat may have been spotted wednesday 6 p.m. but unable to be located and hasn't been seen since. police are treating this as a child abduction case and they've called in state as well as federal investigators. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. our time is 5:02. developing news from vallejo. police in that city are investigating a murder that claimed the lives of two people. we have a live picture from
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the scene. a lot of police vehicles out there. officers received a 911 call reporting gunshots after 9:00 last night. when police got there they found two people shot to death inside a home. police say a 31-year-old man and 28-year-old woman were killed. investigators are looking for two men wearing hoodies seen running from the house after the shooting. amy hollyfield is at the scene gathering more information. she will have a live report in our next half hour. east bay police still searching for a killer this morning. deputies swarmed a home on marina road searching for a suspect accused of shooting and killing a man yesterday. you are looking at the scene. deputies were told the suspect ran into this home when officers went in, nobody was there police issued a shelter-in-place warning for a school and homes while authorities searched. it was lifted an hour and a
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half later. this morning a memorial continues to grow outside the california highway patrol office in martinez in honor of fail len officer. 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom was critically wounded tuesday. he was taken off life support wednesday. youngstrom's body is still at john muir medical center in walnut creek. he's an organ and tissue donor doctors say he has the potential to save more than 50 lives. youngstrom's family released a statement here's an excerpt: kenyon was always giving to others and serving others as a chp officer and in his life with us our grief is overwhelming but in his special way kenyon carries on in helping others. if you would like to help the officer's family visit any wells fargo bank and ask that your donation be contributed
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to the kenyon young stomach children's benefit memorial tpupd. we received thousand -- 5:05. president obama is charging on to the campaign trail in new hampshire and iowa today after outlining his path for the country in his speech on the final night of the democratic national convention. the president accepted his party's nomination and acknowledged challenges going forward but vowed problems can be solved. he said voters have a chance in november not between candidates but between a fundamental difference in the path the country should take. >> the president: we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes but we keep our eye on that distance horizon knowing providence is with us and we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth!
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>> democrats hope the president's message will resonate with voters knowing they most likely will not get much of a post convention bounce in this tight race. >> mitt romney will also be campaigning in iowa and new hampshire today and will be backed by a major television campaign across eight swing states romney announced the campaign after president obama's speech the commercial suggests americans are not better off, nearly four years of mr. obama's leadership. romney's campaign says it will run 15 ads across eight swing states that include iowa and new hampshire. golden gate transit district board will vote to adopt a policy today that bans political and religious ads on the buses. examiner reports that friday's vote follows content debate at muni and bart regarding political ads regarding opposing views of the
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israeli-palestinian conflict. transit agencies may keep -- authorities warn of a new problem from san jose homeless encampments water pollution many are along waterways runoff flows to the bay. san jose tried to clear some of the end -- encampments over the summer. but they quickly returned. a spokesperson calls cleanup efforts frustrating. >> positive step was the city has been able to initiate these activities in that sense it is better but obviously, it is a complex problem that our cleanups have not been able to solve. the san jose city council says it is devoting an entire session next month to reevaluate policies for handling the homeless. more evacuations ordered
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in -- where two wildfires are threatening dozens of homes the fire has scorched more than 9700 acres burning in a remote part of northern california near the city of williams the fire broke out tuesday afternoon and more than doubled in the last 24 hours. the blaze is threatening native american tribal lands the fire is only 20% contained. we sometimes have high fire danger here in september, certainly. right now this week, not seeing it. >> meteorologist lisa argen in for mike this morning. what do you have for us? good morning. we are starting out with more in the waive a clear sky, than the low clouds and fog that is a switch notice with live doppler 7 hd, you will see clouds around marin county but have pulled from the coast as a result, temperatures are cool, numbers have dropped into the 40s up in the north bay, 49 in napa, the nights longer, air drier, we are 46
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in half moon bay chilly out there as you head out, grab the jacket. 58 mountain view, 56 san jose, we are clear. this morning, with cooler numbers you may notice compared to yesterday, nine degrees cooler on the coast, two cooler from concord to fremont. heading out, upper 40s to the mid 50s along the coast around the bay we are talking temperatures climbing into the 60s this afternoon inland upper 70s to upper 80s, should be a nice seasonal day around the bay if you are planning your weekend, very little change with temperatures near 90 today, a few degrees cooler tomorrow, back up to that nice spread from 60 at the coast, 90 inland through sunday. good morning. we are going now live to the san mateo bridge from foster city to hayward, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, no problems, taillights towards the highrise over towards foster
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city, about a 14 minute drive fairly typical from side-to-side of that span. to the bay bridge metering lights off, friday light, no problems treasure island to san francisco. golden gate still has roadwork blocking lanes north part of the span off the waldo grade you will fan a little slowing approaching the spafpb, two lanes down in the southbound direction for the next few minutes until they can reconfigure that for your morning commute, other than that light, no delays through the toll plaza, roadwork farther north marin county northbound 101 to sir francis drake from the mill valley strawberry area, a lot of road guys out there, machinery, just take your time if you are headed in the northbound direction. travel times if you are heading out now: 5:10. credit card companies are under fire again for the protection services they offer. the america's money report is next.
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plus, one cable car bellman has bragging rights. hear the tune that made him the top ringer. one of the biggest nights for pop music, mtv's video music wards.
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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good morning. big focus every first friday of the month today's august employment report from the labor department carries extra significance, so close to the presidential election. optimism about jobs and progress on the european economic crisis helped fuel
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that wall street rally dow judgmenting 244 points. you have probably seen credit card come ons offering payment protection for emergencies sufficient as losing your job. those expensive and unnecessary plans are under fire for misleading marketing. many card companies are ditching those plans. finally, talk about a little employee, 92-year-old rose is retiring from macy's in new york after 73 years the longest serving employee in the store's history fdr was in the white house when she started it is the only place she has ever worked. we tell the kids don't let the bedbugs bite. bedbug experts are holding their annual conference in las vegas this week talking a solution to a problem that bugs people, bugs people in all 50 states the north american bedbug summit giving academics and people in the pest management industry a
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chance to share information. organizers say -- >> bedbugs are everywhere all 50 states have them in 2005 we didn't understand the insect there wasn't a lot of research now the research improved. >> one company is rolling what they say is one of the first active detectors of bedbugs. people at the summit are looking for the latest ways to control what could be a nasty nuisance. new this morning, passengers across the bay on ferries between east bay and san francisco will have a new way to pay for their ride. starting october 1st, clipper cards will be accepted on ferries between oakland, alameda and san francisco, that includes harbor bay ferry. the fare for adults will be $4.75 to $5 one-way. paper tickets will still be available. san francisco has a new cable car ringing champion
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this morning. the stylings of trini whitaker is the winner this year. he has had plenty of practice he's been on cable car duty for 10 years. whitaker dethroned lend oates who won -- leonard oates who won three years running. lisa argen is here this morning. mike nicco is off. she has a look at our forecast. looks good, nice and quiet for the weekend, we were talking about this pattern staying with us through next week too. if you like very little fog, mild temperatures, actually seasonal temperatures, then you in luck. sunrise 6:45 in morning, you can see the golden gate bridge where we have little fog at
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our coastline. temperatures have dropped significantly at our beaches this morning. good morning, live doppler, fog is around napa, sonoma and marin county but pulled from the coast temporarily. we are looking at a clear start, half moon bay parts of the east bay and peninsula, because of that numbers dropped into the 40s, 46 half moon bay, good morning napa 49 for you, 54 fremont, 53 in the city with mid 50s towards the livermore valley. today the atmosphere more stable than it has been with that drier air that's why most areas around the bay are cooler out there, grab the jacket as you head out we will be looking at a school start with mild pattern today, tomorrow into sunday. in fact, with the limited cloud cover we'll see more sunshine this morning, and will allow for warmer temperatures by next week. we are talking a couple
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degrees here and there mainly inland. we'll still have that nice spread that 30 to 35° spread. drier air is returning to the bay, we have doppler fired up the past couple of days, today may be in the southern sierra around yosemite could see a stray thunderstorm, otherwise 86 in los angeles, 70s returning to the bay, back home notice nice out there today 65 in the city, sea breeze in the afternoon, breezy later on, 72 in oakland, mid 80s concord, 90 livermore, monterey bay fog pulls back, 76 in concord, 85 hollister. headed to the giants' game tonight around 60, clear conditions dropping through the 50s by 10:00. subtle changes in the days ahead but a nice outlook. good morning. sue hall checking your friday morning commute. live shot southbound 680
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through walnut creek out of pleasant hill towards 24 everything is at the limit continuing through the san ramon valley no reports of problems to the 580-680 interchange this is highway 24 westbound towards the caldecott tunnel through and into orinda. traffic beginning to pick up, it is moving at the limit. little breeze out there moving our camera around. southbound 101 through marin county northern marin looking good out of novato into ignacio, terra linda past civic center, central san rafael, southern marin roadwork in the northbound direction has been picked up and you will find traffic moving well in the southbound direction to the golden gate bridge. earlier accident northbound tiburon boulevard in that roadwork area has been cleared. once again, giants, dodgers tonight 7:15 expect traffic.
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just about 5:20. another programming reminder, abc7's all new afternoons starts monday soap fans can see general hospital one hour earlier 1 p.m.. a full hour of games at 2:00, first who wants to be a millionaire followed by jeopardy. 3:00, katie's talk show, then breaking news as it happens, join us for abc7 news at 4:00. big night at the mtv video music wards. >> the award guess to rihanna! -- >> well, it want all about rihanna, almost, but not completely. british boy band one direction quickly took over winning twhraoerds the most. the best pop video, best new artist. chris brown won too, best
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choreography and best male video. nicki minaj won best female video, i was distracted by the outfit. not the only one. an arkansas man is more than a little angry after the city tore down his house they were supposed to tear down the house next door. >> i'm going to sue them. pay me for my property. >> -- esse vernon says he has received no apology, little explanation and no compensation he had been planning on renovating his three bedroom home now he's waiting for a check from the city and a sorry. >> renovation got a kick start he didn't expect. >> earlier than expected. big showdown at the ballpark almost here, the dodgers come to town for what could be a winner take all battle with the giants.
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update on the a's pitcher who was hit in the head by a li ñcús
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good morning. live look traffic i-80 looking nice and smooth, sue hall says no problems in that area, nice way to start friday. we check in with meteorologist lisa argen for your weekend forecast so far clear and nice. this morning, oakland a's pitcher mccarthy is recovering from surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain after he was hit by a line drive during a game tuesday. he backed off under his own power he was taken to the
5:25 am
medical center and a ct scan revealed he suffered epidural hemorrhage and a small fracture. he is stable awake and alert. the chance of beat l.a. -- the chants of beat l.a. begins tonight. --. >> i think both teams will look at this as intense that's why we play the game why we are here this is what you should look forward to. >> last three series between giants and dodgers have all resulted in sweeps. giants swept dodgers in june and again in august dodgers
5:26 am
swept giants in july. the ipad is now making it around the nfl with copes -- with coach -- with coaches lugging the tablets the number of teams using ipads for playbooks increase from two to 14 no word on whether the 9ers and raiders will pick it up. tougher to cover your mouth and call the play with that instead of a -- >> true i'm going to guess our teams being the heart of silicon valley will adopt. developing news in the north bay, an vallejo police on the scene all night because of ?yc% double murder. amy hollyfield is there live with the tragic twist the investigation has taken. prosecutors decide not to file charges against a man accused abducting -- assaulting an councilman. good friday morning. big storms around chicago,
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airport delays, none here in fact very little in the way of low clouds and fog. nice afternoon with temperatures ranging from the 60s and 70s at the coast, chance of a thunderstorm in the southern sierra today yosemite the rest of the weekend sierra looks nice, 78 today not much change plenty of sun not [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway.
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>> announcer: live in the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. this among vallejo police looking for two men seen running from the scene of a double murder last night two beam were found shot to death in the home there was a toddler nearby. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo with more. >> reporter: i just spoke with police. they don't think is a murder-suicide. they believe these two people were murdered, gunned down in
5:31 am
their home. it doesn't look like it is going to be random, possibly targeted. police believe the two men seen running from the area are likely the killers in this situation. neighbors say saw them takeoff say they headed south and were running away after neighbors heard the gunshots. neighbors say there was a third person inside the hope, a child. -- inside the home, a child. >> my neighbor knocked on the door ran inside and got the baby and took it to the neighbor's house. he said they saw two people running off. >> reporter: neighbors say the toddler is okay. this happened at 9:18 last night in the 1000 block of atherton in vallejo. residents say they are starting to feel unsafe, one man told us he heard gunshots nearby last saturday night, now a double murder. police won't say the names of the victims just a 28-year-old woman and 31-year-old man.
5:32 am
they also wouldn't stay they are involved in gang or drug activity they hesitated when they asked that question they said they don't want to give away identification about these people until they are able to contact all their relatives. there were some family members who arrived last night and distraught when they heard the news, including a woman who fainted and had to be treated by paramedics. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. another story we are following. ongoing search for a man who apparently abducted his children in south san francisco taking them away in a stolen sailboat from alameda. south san francisco police and u.s. coast guard are looking for 43-year-old christopher maffei who took off in a car tuesday afternoon with a 3-year-old and 2-year-old. the father shares custody with the mother. they were taken from their home on james court tuesday afternoon. police say he took the children to alameda where he
5:33 am
stole a yacht and sailed away with them, possibly overseas, police think that could be the case. terry mcsweeney is at police headquarters and will join us live for a report at the top of the hour. this morning a memorial outside the california highway patrol martinez office continues to grow in honor of a fallen officer. 37-year-old kenyon young strum was critically wounded on i -- youngstrom was critically wounds on i-680 tuesday. >> this officer was injured and killed in a senseless act. we wanted to bring these balloons to show our support. >> also a facebook campaign to dedicate a stretch of i-680 in
5:34 am
memory of youngstrom. as of this morning that campaign has 16,000 likes. memorial services pending. >> to become an organ donor contact the california transplant donors network you can reach them at the number on your screen: or through a link on our website go to under see it on tv. >> if you would like to contribute to officer youngstrom's family visit any wells fargo branch. >> we've received thousands of condolences for officer youngstrom's family, friends and colleagues on our pays book page. we invite you to share yours, go to contra costa county district attorney's office has dropped charges against a man accused of attacking a councilman. the d.a.'s office could not
5:35 am
find enough evidence to charge 55-year-old albert beale with assault. he's accused of punching paul morris july 3rd, morris said he fell and hit his head and woke up in his car near golden gate fields. investigators say beale had given them a different account of what happened as well as information supporting his side of the story. a third person has died of hantavirus contracted at yosemite national park the latest victim lived in west virginia and visited since the outbreak began in june. health officials believe the victims contracted hantavirus after staying in cabins in curry village eight people, including six from california developed hantavirus rodents carry it, the park has taken steps to clean cabins in the outbreak area, 10,000 people may have been exposed. now that both political conventions are over, president obama and mitt romney are back on the
5:36 am
campaign trial this morning. the democrats wrapped up their convention last night in charlotte where brandi hitt joins us live with details. >> reporter: good morning. president obama spoke to a thunderous crowd in charlotte. he also told vote there's the journey of hope is not over just yet. the question now is, if voters will continue to follow him to the election? as president obama accepted the democratic nomination in charlotte, he asked voters for another four years. >> the president: you elected me to tell you the truth. and the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. >> reporter: the president told americans frustrated with his first term there are two baths to -- two paths to choose from.
5:37 am
>> the president: we can start rewarding companies that open new plans and train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states of america! >> reporter: he even threw a few punches at mitt romney over foreign policy. president president you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. >> reporter: vice president biden also laid out plenty of attacks while defending the president. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart and a spine of steel. bin laden is dead and general motors alive! >> reporter: the night was filled with celebrities, performances and tears as former congresswoman gabby give fords delivered the pledge of allegiance. -- at the end of the night, the president hit home his same message from 2008. >> the president: if you share
5:38 am
that faith with me, if you share that hope with me, i ask you tonight for your vote. >> reporter: the august jobs report was just released minutes ago and it is disappointing only 96,000 new jobs added, lower than expected on the flip side the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1% experts say only because fewer people are looking for work. brandi hitt, abc7 news. our time is 5:38. >> it is time to check in with meteorologist lisa argen in for mike with a nice clear morning and but day. that's right. good morning. -- live doppler right now you will notice the cloud cover marin, sonoma, napa, pulled away from the coast now, half moon bay not only clear it is cool and we've got temperatures in some of our valleys that have dropped into the 40s. grab a jacket if you are headed out to work or school,
5:39 am
it is going to be cool start from half moon bay towards the north with a couple more degrees of cooler around santa rosa 49, napa 56 in oakland mild there upper 50s from sin view, five five in livermore valley. it -- 55 in livermore valley. comfortable start more sunshine around the bay numbers are in the 50s to 60 still cool here but at least we'll get sun around the bay upper 60s to the upper 70s inland yesterday we had upper 80s today once again should be a nice, mild to warm afternoon with more sunshine around, some of the clouds will linger at the coast just a few, sea breeze is going to pick up in the afternoon we will look for those northwesterly winds game tonight we'll talk about that in a few minutes. good morning. happy friday, short workweek for some, we'll see if traffic is cooperating this morning, so far, so good, it is friday
5:40 am
light, traffic snaking on highway 280 past 17 interchange towards cupertino nice and easy drive. no problems this morning out of the santa cruz mountains, all is clear on 17 in both directions. beginning to bunch up a little through richmond and into emeryville on highway 80, the east shore freeway leading into the macarthur maze and bay bridge toll is light at this hour. elsewhere, roadwork north 101 fortunately the noncommute direction, there's a lot of machinery out there and a lot to look at if they don't get that picked up quickly you may find slowing southbound. in napa this weekend repaving through the weekend sill -- silverado trail expect delays along some of the wineries most of the weekend. opening up old wounds for a shaken next, the mission a film maker is on to turn the san bruno explosion into an
5:41 am
important lesson. -- a plane forced to make and you scheduled landing after a threat is called in. the cruel joke an
5:42 am
5:43 am
if you have business oakland you have to wait until tuesday today is a furlough day for city workers city hall offices will be closed monday for the holiday celebrating california's entry into the
5:44 am
union, police, fire and emergency services not affected but no street sweeping, parking regulations will be enforced employees take the day off unpaid to help balance the city's budget. almost two years of after the deadly san bruno explosion, a film maker has turned the tragedy into a -- documentary. the 30 minute documentary is "trial by fire" it includes interviews with people who lived in the neighborhood where explosion happened as well as first responders, witnesses and city leaders. survivors of the blast attended a screening yesterday. >> it was very edgy to me. thank goodness i had my family with me to talk through, because i've had a really hard time just recovering from this. >> the documentary is available at the san mateo county history museum checked out at the research library. woman in custody now accused of phoning in a bomb threat that forced a dallas-bound us airways jet to
5:45 am
return to philadelphia. we brought the story to you live yesterday. police say the woman want today to get her ex-boyfriend who was on that flight arrested. he was dragged from the plane in handcuffs by a s.w.a.t. team. he was cleared and released, initially. when he arrived in dallas, he was in fact arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a marijuana charge. he was supposed to have been in texas to celebrate his birthday. looks like even though she ended up in trouble too, she got her revenge. >> that's the definition of a bad day. next, wall street is reacting to the latest jobs report. the bloomberg business report, next. east bay student mysteriously vanish in a rafting trip, what investigators are using to try to find any sign of him. apple tunes on a new venture how it could be streaming on your virtual
5:46 am
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good friday morning. clouds and cool temperatures along the coast not much in the way of low clouds and fog no airport delays, low 90s sacramento valley, low 90s
5:49 am
possible thunderstorm in the sierra nevada, southern, but the northern sierra nice 78 and sunny today not too hot tomorrow and just about right, right on through the weekend with overnight lows in the 40s. we'll look for our own local pleasant weather to continue. i'll explain, a bit later. sheriff's deputies are considering their next move in the search for a bay area man missing along the sacramento river. 20-year-old brett olson of lafayette vanished sunday during the annual chico float his friends saw him near a spot on the river called beer can beach, dogs sniffed for any signs of olson his family and friends have joined the search led by deputies. missing fliers have appeared on the campus of high school in lafayette where he went to school. olson is now in his junior year at cal policy his two younger siblings go there now. >> it was very emotional the
5:50 am
campus is emotional about it, the community is emotional about it, our thoughts are with them, hopefully, this will end okay. >> olson's family is pouring over video clips like this one, taken at the beach, hoping they might see him in the background. move over pandora, apple is in talks to create its own virtual radio service, apple is in talks to license music for the custom radio app which would extend dominance in the online music arena the move would put the company in direct competition with pandora which is offered as an app on apple new service would work across all platforms including ipad, iphone and mac not the android. let the image cleanup begin. prince harry heading back to afghanistan this morning to begin a four month tour of duty flying apache helicopters britain's press watchdog agent genesse says it
5:51 am
will not investigate the paper that ran the pictures of harry partying naked in a las vegas hotel room. the agency says because buckingham palace has not filed a complaint. "good morning america" will have more on the story coming up. harry looks different there in uniform. >> does. >> i think we all have played billiards in our time, i didn't know that was part of the rules, who knew. meteorologist lisa argen is here, good morning. ready for the weekend, nice weather, not too far -- when the sun comes up at 6:45 lots of you will be seeing that at 7:-- setting at 7:29. downtown winds light you can see the beginning of a clear morning not everywhere north bailiff doppler, clouds from marin, ma and napa otherwise
5:52 am
they've pulled back -- sonoma, napa otherwise they've pulled back from the coast key into mild temperatures around the bay today. 40s, nights longer, air drier, numbers have dropped into the mid 40s here half moon bay, 49 napa, elsewhere low to mid 50s, cool for you perhaps in concord, 53 there. grab the jacket this morning and for the next couple of hours then the numbers after 8:00, , will get comfortable, then our sea -- sea breeze kicks in. 24 hours ago we were warmer we are looking at a little cooler start, nine degrees cooler half moon bay this morning compared to yesterday, overall two degrees of cooling a little in the way of coastal clouds mild today, tomorrow, sunday subtle changes that nice 30° spread. little warm near next week not talking a huge warm-up but we are talking changes starting
5:53 am
out with the drier air mass today due to that we'll look for pretty nice afternoon 60s shoreline, 70s around the bay, 80s from the livermore valley, all due to a slight southwesterly flow and that subtropical moisture heading east, drier air with us, should be nice out there from 78 in palo alto to 74 at san mateo, 81 in napa, seasonal for this time of year. tonight if you are head into the city, cool, 60 with clear sky, mid 50s by 10:00 for the giants game. we will be looking at numbers elsewhere to warm into the 80s in the south bay, and perhaps a couple 90s as you head into the tri-valley. good morning. friday morning traffic update for you. little been. ing up at the bay bridge toll for cash paying folks. still light out there at this hour. approach to the bay bridge on
5:54 am
80 westbound beginning to get a little crowded past golden gate fields and emeryville, berkeley into the macarthur maze speeds starting to slow and a few brake lights into the macarthur maze are visiting and expecting to take the hy -- height street cable car, no service, other lines are running, westbound 580 santa rita accident cleared, drive time good from the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area. 5:54. we told you minutes ago that the jobs report is out. we'll take a closer look now. >> here's this morning's bloomberg business report. good morning closely watched august jobs report is out, it is a disappointment, numbers keep in mind very important for president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney as well. 96,000 jobs created last month way fewer than forecast,
5:55 am
unemployment rate did fall, 8.1% because a lot of folks weren't looking for work. with that in mind, let's keep in mind, yesterday we did have stocks surging the dow at the highest since december 2007 was after the european central bank announced a big bond-buying program designed to cut interest rates and fight speculation about the break-up of the euro. what we are seeing is a lot of employers too nervous to be expanding headcount. amazon shares gaining unveiled new kindle fire with larger, color screens, leading into the holiday season. u.s.a. today says starting today, sears and k mart doing way with layaway fees year round. toys "r" us dropping holiday layaway fees and wal-mart cut its fees shortly after that
5:56 am
new research may have some women rethinking getting mammograms. researchers have found the x-rays could raise the chance for breast cancer for women under 30. the study found it mostly affects women with a certain gain mutation common in eastern european jewish populations. the study suggests mri's are safer to screen those women. tonight dozens of hollywood stars will be asking you to donate to the fight against cancerg2. for katie couric there's a personal reason to be involved she lost her husband to colon cancer in 1998 and she has been an advocate ever since watch the telethon beginning 8 p.m. here on abc7, stand up
5:57 am
to cancer has raised more than 180 million dollars for cancer research in the past four years. students at one bay area school giving up meat one day a week meatless monday next week in pleasanton district part of an international movement that began in 2003 with the goal of promoting healthy giving. pleasanton is the second district in the bay area to give up meat one day a week novato also takes part in the program. next, two developing stories, the two people found dead inside a vallejo home. search is on for the bay area father accused of kidnapping his children and taking off on a stolen sailboat. michael finney with the space heater prompting a new warnin
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